Resource mobilization: Provide details of donors along with funds received with details of purpose during 2011-2012,2012-2013                  and 2013-14.

S.No Name of Donor Agency Name of Project/Purpose Project Duration Amount Received (INR)
1. JTDS, GoJ Watreshed Manahgement in Khutpani, WS 2004-2009 20,33,552.00
2 MORD GOI/UNDP Social Mobilzation around NRM among 300 SHGs in Karra Khunti 2005-2008 1,07,87,039.00
3 JSLPS RD GoJ Livelihood Promotion in 45 villagesin Namkum Ranchi 2009-2011 30,78,357.00
4 IGSSS New Delhi Livelihood Advocacy,Khutpani, WS 2009-2012 32,39,983.00
5 UNICEF Ranchi Referral Netwrok to reduce MMR/IMR in Khunti Dis 2008-2012 49,49,425.0

SHG Mobilization: Provide details regarding coverage of states and districts, total SHGs mobilised, system of SHG account maintenance, audit of SHG accounts, number of SHGs credit linked, Provide letters from Banks/MFIs to evidence the number of SHGs mobilised and credit linked

S.No Donar And Project Name District, Block And State Total SHGs Mobalized Accounting System of SHGs No. of SHGs credit linked
1. UNDP/MORD GOI Social Mobilization around NRM in 123 villages of Karra Block Khunti District Khunti, Karra Block, Jharkhand 300 Cash,Ledger, passbooks maintained by SHG appointed accountant 82 under SGSY with Bank of India Karra
2 UNDP/JSLPS RD GoJ Livelihood promotion in 45 villages in Namkum Block Ranchi District Namkum Block,Khunti District 100 Cash,Ledger, passbooks maintained by SHG appointed accountant No SHG Credit linkage
3 IGSSS, New Delhi Livelihood Advocacy Project25 villages Khutpani Block WS 55 Cash,Ledger, passbooks maintained by SHG appointed accountant No SHG Credit linkage
4 JTDS, GoJ 6 villages Sanjay Milli Watershed Project 6 & 7 Khutpani Block WS (6 Villages) 6 Cash, Ledger, passbooks maintained by SHG appointed accountant NO SHGs Linkage

INRM/ Watershed Development/ In- situ water harvesting: Provide details regarding INRM/Watershed Development/ In-situ water harvesting works undertaken with details of programmes in which the organization has participated and quantum of funding utilized with letters/MOU/Agreement with the donor agency.

    KSRA has undertaken three major watershed Development/NRM projects since 2004 till 2012 and has recently launched CFT MGRGES Conversion with watershed development Planning project from 1st July 2014.These are:
      1. Sanjay Milli Watershed Development project from 2004 till 2008 with the support of JTDS and IFAD in 6 Villages in 2 Panchayats of Khutpani Block in West Singhbhum as FNGO with amin tasks of mobilizing communities in these villages and providing ground support to Technical Team of JTDS based in District Office. Our organization was provided with only Admin. Support to the tune of Rs.18,24,307.

      2. Social Mobilization around Natural Resource Management among 300 SHGs in 123 Villages in Karra Block, Khunti Distirct from the year 2005 till 2009 with the support of UNDP and MORD GoI New Delhi. The project focused on SHG mobilization, agriculture and varietal seed propmotion, development od NRM based activities such as, development of Ponds, check dams, wells, vermicomposte units,forestry and irrigation development through ownership of irrigation machines, training and development and capacity building of SHG members, farmers and youths development of three marketing centers for the SHG women members to store forest produce and market these produce locally to get better price.The total fund invested was Rs.1,07,87,039.00.

      3.Livelihood promotion in 45 villages in Namkum Block of Ranchi District from 2009 till 2011, supported by JSLPS RD GoJ and UNDP.The project worked on SHG and community mobilization, promotion of NRM activities such as development of Ponnd,checdam, vegetable growing promotion through Drip Irrigation and Poly house development, Development of Village Micro Plan, Promotion of Goat rearing, training and capacity building on various issues of RTI, MGNAREGS, Govt Entitlements for poor,SRI farming health and Vegetable growing and marketing.A special program on Coimmunity Radio was also implemented with 35 radio programs were produced at Village level and broad caste from AIR once a week on Sunday from time slot from 6.30pm to 7 pk in the name of Nava Dahar. A total of Rs30,78,357.00.

Income generating Activities: Provide details of income generating activities promoted bythe organization with methodology used for mobilising and financing beneficiaries, sub-sectors supported and number of households supported. KSRA implemented Micro Finance Activities with support of FWWB Ahmedabad, ICICI Ban and HDFC Bank in Khunti District and Ranchi District. KSRA implemented this program through its Barc h offices at Khunti, Karra, Lodhma and Tupudana, Following is the detail of the activities

S.NO Micro Finance Support Agencies Amount supported(INR) Duration in Year Methodology for Mobilizing SHG/Groups I.G Activities for which Micro finance was provided Number of House Hold/Beneficiaries supported
1 FWWB Ahmedabad 3800000 2006-2007 Through SHG mobilization, identification of SHG through assessment process, loandisbursement weekly refund For small businesses of the SHG members,Grocery,vegetable vending,vegetable drowing, seed purchase, hotelstea stalls etc 1200 HH approx as recorded in Karra and Lodhma Branch records
2 HDFC Bank 3000000 2006-2007 Same as above Same as above Same as above
3 HDFC Bank 5000000 2006-2007 Same as above Same as above Same as above

Integrated production and marketing support: Provide details of Integrated production and marketing / value chain related activities implemented by the organization including value chains promoted, methodology used, support provided, area coverage and number of households promoted.
S.No Production and Marketing related Activities Methodology Support Provided/duration Area Coverage House holds/SHGs covered Benefits to the community
1. NTFP collection and agriculture produce during season such as Ber,Tamirin,Jamun,Millets etc Under UNDP NRM SHG Mobilization project 300 SHG were grouped into 17 Clusters, each having 18 SHG as members. Three clusters were selected to come under this activity according to their willingness, access to the forest areas and desire to invest their own money Each of the selected cluster were given a community godown and Rs 70000 as seed money and were encourage to invest similar amount and begin the activity by buying Agr/Forest produce, store in their res pective godowns and market these products Lodhma and Karra area under Karra Block, Khunti District 50 SHG having everage15 women member got covered. 750 tribal families got benefit through respective clusters and SHGs.

Social Sector Activities: Provide information on experience in social sector activities such as education, health, sanitation, legal rights and HIV awareness.

KSRA conducted several programs on Health, Education, Legal Rights and HIV awareness since its inception. Some of the program details is given below:

S.No: Social Sector Donor Activities Duration/years Area Amount INR
1 Integrated Tribal Development Project Miserior,Germany Health, Non formal Education and Income generation Projec 1997-2001 Karra Block,Khunt 8,21,25.00
2 SHG Cluster Association Mobilization Project Rotary International and CARE India SHG/ClusterAssociation CB Training and Seed money 1999-2001 Karra Block Khunti District 17,53,142.00
3 HIV/AIDS Awareness Project Netherland Embassy, New Delhi HIV/AIDS awareness 19998-200 Karra Block Khunti District 1,63,000.00
4 Training on RCH Project Population Concern, UK Reproductive and Child Health 1999-2000 Karra Block Khunti District 8,46,417
5 Integrated Nutrition and Health Program CARE India Nutrition and Health Improvement activities 1998-2000 Karra Block Khunti District 2,58,400.00
6 Urban Slum Project IDRF,CIDA Canada SHG Moblization health and Non formal Education 1999-2002 Ranchi Urban slum area in Ranchi City 11,78,329.00
7 Non FormalEducation Projec AID, USA Non formal education among urban poor children 1999-2001 Ranchi Urban Slum areas 2,20,146.06

Gender: Provide details regarding implementation of activities related to women’s rights,legal aid to women and other gender related pro grammes.

A project women empowerment called SWASHAKTI was implemented with support from JWDS (Jharkhand Women Development Society ) GoJ and GoI HRD Ministry, World Bank and IFAD, in karra block with mandate of working with 100 women SHGs in the areas of women and child rights, SHG mobilization, women and child health, gender equality, women empowerment through financial strengthening. The project was carried out from 2000 till 2005 with the fund support of Rs.16,20,750. JWDS Agreement attached

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